Rugby Photos - Lost reputations.

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Rugby Photos - Lost reputations.

Postby Tony Hare » Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:25 pm

Geoff Packman recently contacted me concerning Alan Whatley's phots of the '55 Colts. (

Geoff wrote:- Which leads me to Jim Vickers' comment on the invincibility of the Junior Colts of his and former years. He is, I'm afraid, quite right that the record was lost the following year. I know. I was there! He and Bob Pratley will not be surprised to hear it was Watford and St. Benedict's, Ealing that did the damage.And this was despite the fact that my picture clearly shows we had twenty in the team!

Were you one of the twenty in this photograph? Have you anything further to say in your defence?
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