1929 and 1926 School Photos

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1929 and 1926 School Photos

Postby John Saunders » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:18 am

Derek Prior (RGS 1962-69) has very kindly sent me scroll photos of the RGS in 1926 and 1929, which I have prepared for the web.

I've now completed work on the 1929* photo - here is a link: http://www.rgs.saund.co.uk/1929section1.html

And the May 1926 photo: http://www.rgs.saund.co.uk/1926section1.html

I have also uploaded hi-res copies of the two scroll photos to Flickr: you may find them here and here.

* The 1926 photo is dated May 1926 but the 1929 photo is undated. However, Derek thinks it was taken in 1929 and I'm pretty sure he's right, based on the comparative appearance of Derek's father Ted in the two photos, and also taking into account some of the masters who appear in the photos (including Piljy Jones and Gag Grant) and those who don't (e.g. Sam Morgan, who would be in the photo had it been taken from late 1930 onwards). If it's not from 1929, it can only be out by a year or so either way.
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