Rodney Sabine (1947-2013)

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Rodney Sabine (1947-2013)

Postby Williamsck » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:08 am

I've just heard of the sudden death in France of Rodney Sabine, one of my close friends at the RGS. We went through the X stream together, our paths diverging slightly in the sixth form with him doing biology and me physics. We lost touch after school but re-established e-contact many years later with the advent of social media. Googling him will find an obituary written by his daughter which describes the very full life he led after leaving the RGS.

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Re: Rodney Sabine (1947-2013)

Postby John Saunders » Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:59 pm

That's very sad news. I have posted it on the Old Wycombiensians' Facebook page. Rodney was a registered member of the OWs on Facebook and also on this forum and I had exchanged various emails with him over the past few years.

I seem to remember him telling me he was in the sixth form longer than anyone in the school's history. He passed the 11-plus first time and went into the x-stream, with the result that he entered the sixth form in 1961 when he had only just turned 14. I think it was something like 1966 or even 1967 before he finally left school.

Rodney also told me the story of the so-called 1964 laughing photo, when Tus Sheppard arrived late for the shoot and had a devil of a job in shutting his umbrella and getting it out of shot before the moving camera reached him, to the amusement of the entire senior school and masters. (See here - and also here on the forum)

EDIT: The obituary written by his daughter appeared in the Guardian - ... e-obituary
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