1958/59 Rugby Under 13s Team

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1958/59 Rugby Under 13s Team

Postby John Saunders » Sat Apr 20, 2013 2:09 am

David Davies (son of MMD, RGS 1957-74) sent me this very nice photo of the 1958/59 Rugby Under 13 XV.


Back row (left to right): TS (Terry) Ward (3X), PRG (Peter) Clark (3X), RA (Robin) Dorkings (3X), NN, DR (Dan) Ferguson (3X), DM (David) Davies (3X), KR (Keith) Marshall (3X), D (Dave) Blythen (3S), PRJ (Paul) Lane (3A).
Front row (left to right): IA (Ian) Sifton (3X), MPA (Michael, "Sol") Solomon (3A), PJ (Peter) Moores (3Y), CJ (Chris) Packman (3X), DG (David) Horley (3X), M (Mike) Harris (3X), RHE (Roy) Ham (3X).

Does anyone have access to the May 1959 Wycombiensian? If so, perhaps they could scan a copy of the report of this team during the 1958/59 season and send it to me.

And does anyone happen to know the identity of the lanky lad in the back row?
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