1967/68 Rugby 2nd XV

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1967/68 Rugby 2nd XV

Postby John Saunders » Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:55 pm

Another photo from Bob Davies, on the website here...


Back row (left to right): RP (Dick) Jackson 5U, JC (Jerry) Cook 5T, G (Gordon, "Haggis") Black 5T, RJ (Rick) Waller 6M2J, PR (Pete) Beasley 5T, BP Llewellyn 6M2J, B Syms 6T2, DM (Dave) Child 6M1, KV (Kevin) Pickering 5T.
Front row (left to right): R ("Poy") Hongskula 5U, AP (Adrian) Broadway 6E, IRH (Ian) Pattinson 6M2J, LL (Laurie) Arnold 6S3, RO (Bob) Davies 5A, JB (Jeffrey Bernard) Smith 6S2, AGM (Alan, "Arthur") Haynes 6T1.
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