New Names in Photos - August 2012

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New Names in Photos - August 2012

Postby John Saunders » Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:55 pm

I've just posted a lot of new identifications and information provided recently by Ken Hoing, Robin Stibbon, Greg Griffiths, John Laurie, Mike Hennessey and Phil Richardson.

Ken Hoing corrected an identification of Vaughan Ham in the 1962 Junior School photo.

Robin Stibbon sent me a photo of some RGS boys at a CCF Camp at Chivenor, Devon, probably in 1967. The boys involved were David Basterfield, Brian Barney, Chris Andrews, Richard Robinson (whom Robin tells me is now, sadly, deceased), Arif Amin, PKG Smith, Frost?, Wilson?, Robin Stibbon himself, Ben Kneller and Bernard Wise.

Greg Griffiths identified David Trent of 6S2 at G77 in the 1967 Senior School photo.

John Laurie identified Denis Fowler in the 1960 Junior School photo, Alan Hodgson in the 1964 Middle School photo and also in the 1964 Middle School photo, Toni Boord. In addition, John tells an interesting anecdote which relates to the famous John Mayall / Eric Clapton concert given at the RGS in 1965, which I have posted elsewhere on this forum.

Mike Hennessey (RGS 1963-65), who lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, stopped by to identify himself in the 1964 Senior School photo at A62 (extreme right, front row).

Last and very far from least, Phil Richardson (RGS 1959-65) is a new contributor to the website. He sent a large number of new names and also did a great job in matching faces from one photo to another and deducing who people are. Check out the website 'What's New' page for the full list.
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